A new poll has the GOP presidential field as split on whether or not Donald Trump should be the next commander in charge.

A new CBS News/New York Times poll finds that Trump leads the pack of Republican candidates with 35% support, followed by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (16%) and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (13%).

Carson is not only leading among those who think Trump is the best presidential candidate, he’s ahead among those that don’t.

The poll found that 45% of those polled said that Trump is better qualified to be commander in Chief than the current administration.

Forty-seven percent of those surveyed said they thought Trump is less qualified.

And only 15% of the GOP field said that they think Trump should stay in the race to replace Barack Obama as president.

“In some ways, the numbers are more encouraging than they were last week,” said Mark Penn, a senior adviser to the Republican Party.

“I think we’re starting to see a bit of a turnaround from where we were a few weeks ago.

It’s not the same, but I think the numbers indicate that if you look at those two choices and you look a little bit deeper into them, it’s the guy with the most baggage that we’ve seen in a long time.”

In a poll released Monday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he wants Trump to run as his party’s nominee, though he said he’d only be “interested” in that option if he gets the chance.

Graham, who has said that he’d support Trump if he decided to run, said that while he respects the former real estate mogul, he thinks Trump is too “divisive” and doesn’t understand how to lead.

“I would say it’s his job to prove to the American people he’s a better person and I think he’s shown himself to be a terrible president,” Graham said.

“We’re looking at two candidates right now who are diametrically opposed.”

Other candidates have expressed their support for Trump.

Ben Carson has said he thinks he could win the Republican nomination.

He said he’s looking forward to seeing the “candidate of the people,” not the candidate of the party.

“If I could have the opportunity to run in this party, I’d run in the party,” Carson said in an interview with NBC News.

“You know, I feel like I have the best chance of getting elected president.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has also said that if Trump decided to go back into the race, he’d “probably” run for the nomination.

“He’s got to go to the people and he’s got got to do it, and the people have to decide for themselves,” Gingrich said on Fox News Sunday.

But Trump is still polling well behind Carson in the polls, and his poll numbers have been declining.

The former Speaker has been polling lower in recent weeks, dropping to just under 17% support from 25% last week.

Carson has been in the lead for weeks, but he dropped to just 13% support in a CBS News poll released on Friday.