Stay Woke: The Musical, directed by Adam McKay, will premiere on Netflix on May 27.

The movie follows the lives of four kids who are brought together as they try to keep their minds active in the wake of the pandemic.

The cast includes: Josh Brolin, Olivia Wilde, Mandy Moore, and Nick Offerman.

Stay Woked is the story of four young adults who are living the dream, all of them struggling to make sense of the situation.

The film also stars Emma Watson as a 17-year-old girl living in an orphanage.

In an interview with Variety, McKay said the movie’s theme is about people who try to live the most important life of their lives.

“Stay Wookers are the most powerful stories that have been told, and we wanted to do that,” McKay said.

“We wanted to tell stories that are universal, that are about the people who are trying to live life to the fullest.”

Stay Wooked was released in May, but the cast is now ready for the big screen.

The musical was directed by McKay, who also wrote the screenplay and produced the movie.

He said he was inspired by the life-changing experiences of his kids.

“The reason that I created the show was because I felt like it was the most beautiful way to live your life,” McKay told Variety.

“My kids were in that situation, and I wanted to help them make that leap into the next chapter.

The show will also include an introduction by the president of the United States.”

Stay Watched: The Movie, directed and written by Adam Moore, is scheduled to open on Netflix April 14.

Stay Watched is based on the memoirs of four-year old Jack and his twin sister, Lacey.

In the book, Jack talks about his experiences as a young child in a mental institution and how he’s made it through the experience.

The book was written by Moore, who was raised in a fundamentalist Baptist family and has previously worked on films like The Wedding Singer and The Book of Mormon.