An Alberta woman who left her party in the freezing temperatures says goodbye to her baby with a kiss on the forehead.

In the video, posted to social media, Rachelle Smith says she was in the party on June 20, 2016, with her partner and their son, who was two months old at the time.

The video shows her with her boyfriend, a man in his 20s, as she and her partner are seen embracing.

She is seen kissing the man on the cheek, then hugging him.

She says she didn’t know what to do and went home.

She said she then texted her husband to check on him and when he called, she went to check and found her boyfriend dead.

“I just wanted to go back and have a nice happy life, and to just be together again,” Smith said.

Smith said she was “just looking forward to it, but the next day I got a text saying, ‘you’re doing really well.

We’re doing OK, but we can’t come.’

It was devastating.”

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