Stay at home orders will continue to go out to help people stay at their homes and businesses.

The order is meant to help families stay at homes and offices while still providing flexibility for people who can’t make the commute to work.

It will help keep homes warm and allow people to stay home from work while still having access to the services that they need, including groceries, cleaning supplies, heating and air conditioning.

The stay-at.home order was announced Wednesday at the United Nations General Assembly, with a goal of bringing 100 million people to their homes by 2021.

“As we look ahead to the world of tomorrow, staying home is a necessity, not an option,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said.

“As we work to achieve the global goal of staying home by 2021, stay home orders are a critical step in that direction.”

Stay-at home orders have become popular around the world, and there is evidence they are working.

A U.S. study released in 2016 found that stay-home orders led to a 7 percent reduction in crime rates in New York City.

Stay-at Home orders in New Jersey and Illinois also reduced crime rates.