The new gold miner is here.

You’ve heard of the new miners.

They’re not just a few young guys trying to make a buck.

These guys are getting in on the action.

They’ve gone out and bought some of the biggest gold mines in the world.

These are the most profitable.

They’ll never make more money than the gold miners who bought them in the first place.

But how are they doing it?

The new miners don’t need a PhD. They don’t have to study finance or economics or law.

They just know what they’re doing.

That’s why they’re not millionaires.

Their success is based on two things: The first is that they have the ability to learn quickly.

The second is that, when it comes to money, they’re the only ones who can afford to invest in gold mining.

In this episode of The Gold Talk podcast, we’ve taken a look at the new money, the new boom and the old boom.

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We also recorded an episode of the Gold Talk Podcast, with guests Greg Copley and Michael O’Leary.

It’s a great mix of economics, politics and gold mining insight.

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