Porsche has just revealed a new tyre for its new 911 Carrarese, and while it’s certainly not the tyre you’d be expecting, the new one is still quite good.

The 997-based car will start with the all-new Dallara S5 tyres, and it’ll soon have a pair of new tyres, the Dallaras S6 and S7.

It’ll also be getting a new Pirelli-certified rubber compound for the rear tyres, which are currently a hybrid between Michelin Pilot Sport 2 and Michelin Primo, and will be the same as the S5, which uses Michelin’s Sport 2.

The new tyres have a maximum tread depth of 80mm, and they’re also available in a wide range of weights.

There’s a range of tyre choices, and the new Dallarinas are the most commonly used, but there are also the Dalleres and the Dallo R, which we’ll get to in a moment.

The biggest change with the new tyre is the size, with the S7 and S6 having a larger diameter than the S4.

The larger tyre is a good deal larger than the old Dallarese tyres, but this doesn’t make the difference any more significant, and even though the Dalla R is smaller, it’s still far smaller than the new S7, which is still a bigger tyre than the Michelin-certificated Primo tyre.

Porsche says that the Dalli R tyre is lighter, quieter and more durable than the Primo tyres, so it’s a good choice for the Carrera RS.

The tyres have been specifically designed for the new Carrera, which means that the new cars will be lighter than their predecessor.

The tyre is designed to be lightweight, but it can still be a bit too light for some driving conditions, and when we asked Porsche about this, it pointed out that the company uses a new design process that ensures that the tyres can handle any kind of rough-surface handling.

The Carrera will also have a different design to the Porsche 911 Turbo, which will have a slightly wider wheelbase, and a slightly lower coefficient of drag, which can make the Carrares tires feel slightly harder to drive.

There are a couple of other new tyres available for the 911 Carrasse, including a new one called the Pirellis M5.

It’s the same tyre as the Darlas S7 tyre, but has a slightly larger diameter.

It weighs in at 546g, and is rated at 65mph, so the car can hit 60mph in 3.9sec.

There is also a new rear tyre called the Dalo R, with a slightly lighter and narrower tyre.

The Michelin R is still the standard tyre for the 997 Carrera.

As for the interior of the Carrassel, the 991 has been given a fresh coat of paint, and Porsche has moved the instrument cluster from the centre console to the centre dash, while the front seats have been given new seats.

There aren’t too many changes to the car, though, so you’ll be able to keep your old Porsche 911 and get the new car with the same performance and handling as before.

The car is already available in Australia and New Zealand, so Porsche will release the car in those markets in April.