Stay safe!

Stay home!

We can’t get enough of the Stay safe memes.

(I love them.)

They’re a reminder that it’s never too late to protect yourself or your loved ones.

Here’s a collection of some of our favorites.


The Stay safe Meme of the Year: “A house is a house is no place to be alone.”

Courtesy of National Geographic 2.

Stay Home Meme: “It’s time to take your family on a wild goose chase.”

Courtesy and National Geographic 3.

Stay Cold Meme with: “If it bleeds, it leads” Courtesy of American Girl 4.

Stay Warm Meme With: “The time is right for you to take care of yourself and your family.”

Courtesy National Geographic 5.

Stay Healthy Meme (with a nod to The Hunger Games): “I need your help.

I need your support.”

Courtesy American Girl 6.

Stay Safe Meme For: “Don’t get trapped in the snow.”

Courtesy Smithsonian 7.

Stay Together Meme for: “We can’t wait for the end of the world.”

Courtesy Science 8.

Stay Away Meme About: “I’ve been called a traitor, a murderer, a thief, and a child molester.”

Courtesy Discovery Channel 9.

Stay Out of Jail Meme about: “What’s the point of living if you can’t be held accountable?”

Courtesy Discovery Network 10.

Stay in Your Head Meme from a science-fiction film: “Let’s be a little bit more dangerous.”

Courtesy PBS 11.

Stay Back Home Memo from a children’s movie: “Life is not a game.”

Courtesy the Smithsonian 12.

Stay Up To Date Memo for: (with an eye toward the end) “I’ll be home in a few minutes.”

Courtesy ABC 13.

Stay Cool Meme in the middle of a snowstorm: “Get out of the cold.

Don’t cry.”

Courtesy NPR 14.

Stay Ready Memo in a busy holiday season: “You don’t need to be a hero to protect us from the apocalypse.”

Courtesy The Weather Channel 15.

Stay Alive Memo with: (a nod to a classic film): “Keep fighting.”

Courtesy HBO 16.

Stay Close Memo about: (not about the movie): “When we die, we’ll still be here.”

Courtesy BBC 17.

Stay In Your Head (with eye toward an ending): “We’ve got a long way to go.

Keep pushing.

Keep fighting.”

Associated Press 18.

Stay On Your Feet Memo on a snowy highway: “Keep moving forward.”

Courtesy CBC 19.

Stay With Your Family Memo: “No matter what happens, you’ll always be with your families.”

Courtesy NBC 20.

Stay Young Meme, with a nod toward a movie: “‘When it snowballs, the best is yet to come.'”

Courtesy Smithsonian 21.

Stay Strong Memo, with an eye towards the end: “In this time of need, we must always stay strong.”

Courtesy U.S. News & World Report 22.

Stay Free Meme featuring a snowman: “Now that the snow has melted, I can breathe easier.”

Courtesy Fox News 23.

Stay Alert Memo featuring a white-haired woman with a heart: “When I’m safe, I know there’s still hope.”

Courtesy ESPN 24.

Stay At Home Mem, with eye toward a zombie apocalypse: “Even when I think I’m alone, I keep fighting.

And I don’t think I’ll get far until I’m all out of this.”

Courtesy MTV 25.

Stay with Your Family MEME featuring a mom: “They’re here.

They’re home.

I’m going to be okay.”

Courtesy MSNBC 26.

Stay Here Meme involving a woman who has just died: “All I need is one more day.”

Courtesy TV Guide 27.

Stay It Up Meme regarding a zombie outbreak: “Remember the old days?

They’re not over.”

Courtesy CBS 28.

Stay Your Head MEME regarding a recent pandemic: “My mom is gone, but I’ll be strong and I’ll keep fighting.”

PBS 29.

Stay on Your Feet, Meme referencing a recent hurricane: “There is no way back.”

Courtesy FOX News 30.

Stay Calm, Mememachine Meme referring to the last day of a pandemix: “Everything will be OK.” “

Courtesy ABC 31.

Stay Calm, Mememachine Meme referring to the last day of a pandemix: “Everything will be OK.”

Courtesy USA TODAY 32.

Stay at Home, Mememe, with the eye toward apocalypse: “‘Stay at home.

Stay home.’

“Courtesy NPR 33.

Stay Positive Meme. “

Via The Weather Company 34.

Stay Positive Meme.

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