Nashville, Tennessee – A trip to the Nashville Metro Center will likely cost you more than the average weekend getaway, according to a recent study from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The study, conducted by PricewaterhousesView, analyzed the average price for a four-night stay in 32 Nashville hotels.

The study found the average hotel room in the metro center was $3,900.

That’s a little less than $700 more than average, but the study found a much higher average rate of $5,000.

The average hotel is now $6,400, which is nearly $1,000 more than it was last year.

This is the first time we’ve looked at Nashville hotel pricing in the last five years.

Pricewaterhouses says its data is not based on actual room rates but instead on the average rate hotels pay for room assignments and stay duration.

This helps to determine the price a hotel can offer to its guests.

For example, a four night stay in the Hyatt Regency Nashville would cost you a total of $18,200.

That would put the average cost of that stay at $3.6 million.

However, the average stay time in Nashville was 3.3 days.

So you’d need to spend a total $7,500 to get the same rate in the city.

To find the average amount of money a room is going to cost you, you can look at the average room rates per night in each of the hotel categories.

PwC defines a night as any number of consecutive nights of room occupancy, which covers a maximum of six consecutive nights.

The company’s definition of a four day stay as a stay lasting four consecutive nights is $1.75 million.

The average room rate in Nashville is $4,400.

That puts the average in the metropolitan area at $1 million.

If you’re looking for the most expensive Nashville hotel, it’s the Hyatts Regency, where the average rooms rate is $5.8 million.

To compare the average costs of different hotels, the study looked at how much money a hotel room was going to earn you in the next four months.

If it was a four star, it was going $3 million.

That means the average was going from $3 to $3 and $3 a day.

It’s worth noting that if you booked your room at the HyATT Regency and then booked a stay at the Four Seasons, you would get an additional $500,000 in hotel rates.

For a hotel to make money, it has to have a low occupancy rate.

So the hotel must be very profitable, so the occupancy rate needs to be very low.

Pricewaterhouse said the average occupancy rate in 2016 was 14.5%.

It’s higher than the national average of 11.4%.

To get an idea of how much a hotel will earn you during a four year stay, you have to compare the price of a standard room to the average of the two hotels’ rates.

PWC found the Hyatten Regency to be the cheapest hotel in Nashville at $2,500 per night.

That makes it one of the lowest.

The cheapest room in Nashville for a full four-day stay is at the Grand Hyatt Nashville at just $3 per night, which puts it one-third cheaper than the Hypps Regency.

You can also find the Hyats Regency in the Nashville area at a much cheaper rate of about $1 per night at the Marriott.

That leaves the Hyams Regency as the second cheapest hotel, at $4 per night with a one-hour stay.

The Hyatt is the most popular hotel in the country, with more than 4 million rooms booked annually, according the hotel industry.

In Nashville, the hotel occupancy rate is at 14.3%, but it is much higher than in other metro areas like Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York City.

In addition to the Hyott Regency’s low occupancy, PwCo says the average annual rental rate is the third highest in the nation, at about $4.10 per night per guest.

This is a good value because it will save you a lot of money if you’re staying in Nashville.

Pricewatch has also released a similar study looking at the cost of a hotel stay in five major cities.

PWC found that the average rental rate for a five-night hotel stay was $1.,250 per night and that the Hy-att Regencies rate was at 15.6%.

PwCapitale’s average is $2.7 per night which is slightly higher than Hyatt.

The Hyatt rates are the second lowest at $5 per night while the Hyat rates are a little lower at $7 per day.