Extended stays are becoming a trend, but not at the Black Pearl.

Alessia “Cara” Cara, the singer-songwriter and “extended” stay at the Alessias Black Pearl hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, was booked in November for a four-night stay.

A source at the hotel told The Post that the singer, who is based in London, was scheduled to stay at a two-bedroom, four-bathroom property owned by the hotel’s management company.

“We’re not a hotel that wants to have any guests that are underage,” a Black Pearl spokesperson told The Washington Times.

“It’s an open-admission facility and the management of the hotel is responsible for managing all guests staying at the facility.”

However, it wasn’t until the next day, when an email was sent to Alessians reservation holders, that Cara was confirmed as staying at her property.

A spokesperson for the hotel chain told The Nashville Tennessean that the booking was done on the assumption that “Alessias hotel was aware of the situation and would be in contact with the venue to resolve it.”

A source familiar with the situation told The Associated Press that the hotel has “multiple policies in place for staff members to identify and report guests who are not 21.”

The spokesperson added that “we take all incidents of underage guests seriously and will be in touch with the appropriate authorities.”