Stay woke memes, in their own way, have always been one of the best things about the NFL.

They can be used to poke fun at teams that are trying to get back to the playoffs after a year of losing.

But now, it’s become one of their most prominent and effective memes.

While there are plenty of stays woke jokes on social media, the one that has stood out is the one by Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth.

The Bengals were a team that was trying to go into the playoffs for the first time since 2014, when they went 1-11.

That year, they also had a number of players on the team that were injured, including offensive tackle Tyler Eifert, who was diagnosed with a concussion.

After Whitworth went through the concussion protocol, he took his helmet off to take a snap.

It was only then that he realized he was still in the game.

Theres nothing quite like the game you just lost and the feeling of that feeling is what drives you through it.

Whitworth’s meme, however, is even more poignant than that.

It depicts him as a man who is losing his mind after the Bengals’ win.

In his eyes, his mind is just gone.

That’s when the rest of the memes started coming in.

Theres even a few that reference the fact that his helmet is off, with the caption “just lost it.”

The Bengals, meanwhile, were in the process of winning the AFC North with a 6-4 record and were currently riding a four-game winning streak.

But they were playing the Ravens on Thursday Night Football, and a lot of the Bengals fans were upset with their team after they lost.

Thats when the team decided to go with a stay woke chant to kick off the game, which had a pretty funny ending.

Whitmore, who is also a Bengals fan, tweeted out a pic of himself holding his helmet up, then went on to say the word “stay woke” a couple of times.

Then, as you can see in the video above, Whitworth’s head turned red.

The Bengals were able to pull out the win, as Whitworth had three tackles and a sack.

You can check out the rest from Whitworth, including a GIF of him shaking his head after the win and a GIF with the team’s official account taking it serious.

The team also shared a video with Whitworth about his reaction to the win.

You have been staying woke since you lost your helmet, Andrew Whithead says after Bengals win.💖💜💛💔💘💚 — Bengals (@Bengals) September 16, 2019