I’ve got to say I have a hard time wearing sweatpants right now.

I’ve been working in a field full of people who are sweating and I’ve seen that they are the most productive and the most creative people out there.

It’s hard to look at a sweatpants and think they’re the only thing that matters.

I wear them in meetings because it makes me feel good, and I think it does.

You know, I have to go out there and work hard.

I don’t think I’ll wear them anymore.

That’s the main thing I have trouble with when I’m working, and that’s why I have this problem.

I’m a very competitive person, so when I go out and compete, I’m not doing that because I’m competitive.

I do that because there’s so much else that I need to do.

I’ll do this because it’s a job.

I will do this if I’m having fun, but if it’s not, it’s because it doesn’t have that extra bit of energy or that extra level of focus.

If I’m going to sweat, I’ll sweat.

When I’m out there, I think I need a little bit of extra energy.

That extra bit is my sweatpants.