Stay gold cafe on Omaha’s west side is opening for business and it’s bringing in the first wave of tourists.

The Omaha branch of the hotel chain, which owns The King and The Queen, is opening its doors for the first time at the intersection of Washington and E. King streets.

The King and Queen, which opened in 2013, is located in the former The King Hotel and Restaurant on E. Washington St. It has a spacious dining room with a fireplace.

The Queen will offer a large dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A full bar and lounge will be available onsite, along with an outdoor patio and a bar and grill.

Stay gold cafe is a chain of restaurants that has opened in Omaha.

Its location in downtown Omaha was chosen because the hotel is a part of the city’s “downtown core,” which includes the Convention Center, Convention Center Mall, the convention center and the National Guard Armory.