RTE NEWS: A new trailer has been released for the sequel of ‘SLEEPING BEAUTY’. 

The trailer is a new look at the main plot of the new film.

It tells the story of the Beauty, her relationship with Belle, and the role of the royal family in her life.

The new trailer reveals that the royal story will focus on the Beauty’s life as a young girl.

It is also revealed that the Royal family will be introduced to the audience in a new way, with the introduction of a new royal family member.

The film’s new trailer also reveals the new villain: the Prince. 

In a new teaser, the film also reveals a new scene featuring the royal prince. 

A new scene will reveal the new plot of ‘The Beauty’. 

In the new trailer, the Princess reveals the truth about her relationship to Belle and her royal parents. 

It will also reveal the secret of the princess’s powers.

The trailer shows that the Beauty will be reunited with her family after being exiled from the royal castle.

The Princess has gone back to live her normal life. 

The new royal character will be revealed later.

The movie’s release date has not been announced.