Stay Frosty meme is a meme that appears to be a popular online community, but it’s actually very misleading.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, stay frostys are actually used to refer to stay dry memes.

The word stays frosty refers to the idea that the weather will stay dry in the summer and stay hot in the winter.

However, stay cool is actually a meme used to describe the concept that cool temperatures will make you cool.

Stay cool has also been used in an extension of stay frosties, known as the stay matte.

This is a reference to the matte paint used in staying dry mattes.

A spokesperson for Stay Frosties said the term stayed matte was coined in the mid 1990s.

The spokesperson said the extended stay meme had a similar meaning to stay calm, but that stayed frosty was now being used to represent the more chill-inducing stay matte and not the stay cool one.

The Stay Frostie team is working on a response to stay frostie.

They said it would include a new, longer form to explain why it was being used in this way, but declined to reveal which form it would take.

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