Stay healthy and focused during the extended stay at Omaha’s new $3 million Stay Healthy hotel.

The new Stay Healthy Omaha hotel is set to open to the public later this month.

The hotel’s first hotel rooms are set to be completed in June, and guests will be able to stay at the hotel for up to 12 consecutive nights.

Stay healthy stay focused: “We’re committed to making sure you stay focused on staying healthy and staying focused,” said Marriott Omaha president and CEO John Deutsch.

“You can count on the Stay Healthy Omni hotel to be an outstanding destination for guests and hotel guests alike.”

The hotel has a three-level wellness center, which includes a fitness center, sauna, yoga studio, massage room, and more.

The center features an indoor and outdoor fitness room, a sauna and sauna hot tub, steam room, steam pool, and an elliptical and elliptical machine.

The Omni hotel will offer guests four nights of stays for the cost of three.

Stay focused on keeping fit: “As you begin your stay at Stay Healthy, you’ll find our fitness center offers a number of programs and classes that can help you keep in shape and stay in the zone,” Deutsch said.

“Our goal is to offer you the best experiences possible.

The best experiences are the ones you enjoy and the ones that are the most meaningful for you, your family and your loved ones,” Decht said.

Stay focused on getting out of your comfort zone: “Our goal with the Omni is to make sure you are getting out into the real world and that’s why our new Stay Home program is geared toward helping guests stay connected to the real-life world.

The Stay Home app allows you to stay connected with loved ones and guests at the Omni hotel,” Deutsch said.

“We know that staying connected can be an important part of staying healthy.

And as a stay home-based hotel, our goal is for guests to get home with their loved ones at the same time as they can enjoy their stay at our new Omni hotel.”

Stay healthy stay conscious: “Stay Health has created a suite of tools that you can use to stay focused and stay healthy during extended stays in the Omni,” Dehts said.

In addition to a number from the Stay Health app, guests can check their exercise and nutrition records, and stay connected by following an on-site wellness support team.

Stay healthy at Stay Health Omni hotel.

The hotel’s spa offers a spa treatment area, hot tub and saunas, and a fitness room.

The spa has an indoor hot tub for up, two outdoor saunters for up and one sauna for up.

The hot tub has a heated water heater.

The Spa also offers a private massage room for up guests, and the Spa is located at the top of the hotel.

Stay Healthy Stay focused: Guests can check in at the spa and select their spa treatment and massage treatments.

Stay home to stay with loved one: A dedicated wellness support and wellness staff are available to make you feel comfortable while you stay at The Omni Hotel.

“Stay Health’s goal is that our guests will feel like they are home, whether it’s in a spa or at home, staying home to be close to loved ones, or staying at the Marriott Omni Omaha hotel for extended stays,” Dechs said.

The Hotel is located in the new hotel’s new space, the Omni Hotel & Resort.

The $3.5 million Omni Hotel has been designed with modern amenities and modern architecture.

Stay Health Omaha is a subsidiary of Marriott International.