Australia’s Federal Court has banned the use by phone and computer companies of the so-called ‘stay-and-play’ devices, which can be used to keep a phone connected to the internet.

The Federal Court of Australia heard the devices were not allowed by law but were being used to limit users to a limited number of minutes per day.

“The Government has decided that it cannot and does not intend to enforce its prohibition of ‘stays and play devices’ on the Internet,” the court said.

It added the ban “must be applied to all of the devices which have been proposed by the Government to restrict users on the internet, and to all other devices which may be used in conjunction with ‘stops and play'” devices.

In February, the Federal Government also decided to remove a provision of the Telecommunications Act that prohibited the use or sale of “stays-and to play” devices in certain circumstances.

However, the Government has since said it will not change its position on the device.