The Supreme Court is weighing a request by the president to temporarily block President Donald Trump from removing a transgender student from a high school’s varsity sports team.

The ruling on Monday in the case of Gavin Grimm, a transgender girl in Washington state, means the Supreme Court will hear arguments about the president’s request in a case that could affect thousands of students.

Grimm’s case is a landmark case in which the justices are weighing the constitutional right to a private school’s athletics teams.

Grunge was the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against the Washington State School Boards Association and the Washington School District alleging that the school district discriminated against Grimm because of his gender identity.

The lawsuit was brought by more than 100 students and their parents in a 2014 lawsuit filed by Grimm, who is now in his second year of high school.

The lawsuit sought to overturn the district’s refusal to let Grimm play on a varsity team, arguing that the district violated his constitutional rights to equal protection and due process.

The school district appealed the case, arguing the case should be sent back to the district court to determine if there is merit in the plaintiff’s case.

The district said it was confident the district has not violated Grimm’s rights.

“The court has made clear that our position on the merits is unchanged and that the case is not before the Supreme in its entirety,” the district said in a statement on Monday.

“In a matter of national significance, the Supreme Courts’ jurisdiction over this case is highly significant and its decisions will affect thousands more students.

We intend to work with our lawyers and the administration to ensure that the rights of all students in Washington State are protected and protected adequately.

The Supreme Court on Friday declined to review a ruling by a three-judge panel that allowed a transgender male student to be allowed to join a team at a public high school in Massachusetts.

The case has sparked a wave of backlash in the United States, with some parents calling on Trump to reverse his decision.

The president on Monday asked the Supreme Judicial Court to intervene in the Grimm case and block the removal of the student.