LIVINGSTON, Ohio — A popular hotel in Ohio is closing its doors for good.

The motel has been offering extended stays since December, but owners say they’ve been getting complaints about guests getting sick.

The facility at the hotel in Licking County has been the center of a fight between the hotel and local health officials.

The Licking Times reported that health officials have sent a letter to the hotel that said the facility had a problem with a virus called EV-D68 that could lead to a host of illnesses including pneumonia.

The letter said the hotel had been working on an outbreak prevention plan.

The hotel is still accepting reservations, but the facility is closing from December 31 to March 4.

The owner of the motel said he was told by the health department that the facility has been tested for EV-d68, but there was no conclusive evidence that the virus was present.LIVINGSTONE, Ohio – There is nothing more relaxing than staying at a motel.

So when a new hotel is being built in nearby Livingston, Ohio, that’s where we thought we would turn to.

We were told that if the building is going to be built at the same time as our other hotel, we had to make an exception, said David and Nancy Johnson, owners of LickingStone Inn & Spa.

LickingStone is a four-star resort on the Ohio River, one of the largest in the U.S.

The Johnson family owns the resort for 27 years.

The couple say the building has had a bad reputation, with some residents complaining about noise and the smell of sewage coming from the facility.

They’re concerned that if a new building is built nearby, it will cause further problems.

The health department says the Lickingstone Hotel and Spa has been testing residents in the community to ensure they’re healthy.

The department says it has confirmed that residents have tested positive for EVD-68.

Liquor license suspensions are expected to last through the end.

The building will remain open as a short-term hotel until the end, according to the department.

The hotel is closing in May.