You know the one: your ink.

“A tattoo is a temporary physical representation of a person’s personality,” says Sarah Ruhm, senior editor at the British Tattoo magazine.

“And it’s an opportunity to say something about yourself, something about your personality, about who you are.

It’s a powerful symbol, a representation of who you were as a person.”

“It’s like a tattoo, and I love the way it expresses who I am.”

So why would anyone want to do it?

The answer is simple.

The ink is there for a reason.

For one thing, it’s there to tell the world that you’re alive.

That’s why people have been doing tattoos for millennia.

But, more importantly, it can tell a story.

It helps people understand who they are.

And if you can get the tattoo of someone who you really love, you can’t really lose that connection.

In addition, people often have a lot of ink to choose from, which means it’s often harder to get the right shade.

If you want to get that perfect ink, it might take years of patience, but if you’ve got the right tattoo, it should be worth the wait.

If your ink needs to be tweaked or altered, or you just want to be able to remember who you love the most, this is the tattoo for you.

And remember, this can’t be just any tattoo.

It must have a lasting meaning for you, too.

If this is your first time getting a tattoo and you want a look that’s both bold and meaningful, it’ll take time to find the right piece. Read more