The tattoo industry is all about staying true to who you are.

And as the demand for tattooing continues to grow, we’ve taken a closer look at the trends and the tattooing industry trends.

We’ve asked tattoo artists across Ireland what the industry needs to be in order to stay true to its identity, while also keeping a positive attitude.

We also spoke to some of the tattoo artists in the industry and asked them what they think about the current tattooing trends in Ireland and the rest of the world.

We’re proud of the success of our tattoo industry in Ireland, says Paul McGowan, tattoo artist, Tattoo City.

We’re still very much in the middle of the recession.

We have a good clientele, but we don’t get as much business from outside the industry as we do from the tattooed public.

I think we’re very lucky that the tattoo business is growing so quickly.

It’s very much driven by demand.

We don’t see any major challenges for us.

We really don’t have any competition.

We think it’s an opportunity for us to stay on the forefront of the trend, he says.

In fact, we were very impressed with the response to our recent interview with Dr Jules and the success he had in his business.

We thought we’d get a positive response to that interview.

That was one of the things that drew us to do the interview.

We wanted to see how it was received.

We didn’t want to let our fans down.

The tattoo industry, which employs around 1,000 people in Ireland alone, is growing rapidly.

The industry has seen a big increase in demand over the last 10 years, as the recession hit and demand for the service dried up.

Many tattoo artists are now looking for a way to stay in business.

Many people are choosing to keep their tattoos, because they think they will have more time to spend with them.

It has a big influence on the tattoo art.

In the past few years, there has been a shift towards larger and more complex designs, with tattoo artists using more complex patterns.

This trend is also being seen in other industries, such as the fashion industry.

The industry has a lot to offer, says Simon O’Neill, tattoo specialist, The Artist in the Barroom.

In particular, tattoo artists have been getting a lot of positive feedback for the work they are doing and have a lot more positive feedback than in the past.

It also allows them to be creative with their art.

It can be a positive experience, says O’Connor.

In many parts of Ireland, tattooing is a family affair.

There are many tattoo artists who have tattooed their loved ones, and they are very proud of their work.

But tattoos can also be done by people who are not connected with the tattooer, and that is something that needs to change.

It’s also important to keep the tattoo in the family, says Kevin McNamara, tattooist, Tattoos in the Park.

You can’t make tattoos into a career.

They’re meant to be shared.

There’s no benefit for the person who is not involved in it.

So, I think tattooing has to be about the community.

I know that we’ve got tattooing in this country, but it’s a family business.

Tattoos can be shared, and there’s no harm in that.

We should be welcoming and encouraging people to get tattoos.

People need to know they can have a tattoo, and the person can do it properly, says Conor O’Brien, tattoo expert, Tribute Tattoo.

It makes a difference to the community, because tattoos are very personal.

If the person’s done a good job, people feel like they’ve made a difference.

We do get a lot from people in the tattoo world, says McGowan.

We get feedback from people who have tattoos, and people who aren’t.

We see them every day.

They don’t know that they’ve got one, so it’s really helpful to get that feedback.

Tattoos are part of a whole family, not just one person, says Mr O’Leary, tattooed tattooist.

The tattooed community is very loyal to their loved one.

I’m sure they would appreciate the information.

It shows how important tattoos are to the family.

I’m very proud to be part of it, says McNamara.

The people who tattoo me, it’s just like a family.

I feel very proud, because I’ve been part of the family for a long time.

I do think tattoos have a huge role to play in the society, says the tattooist in the bar.

But tattooing doesn’t necessarily have to be something that’s only for the tattoo artist.

It could be a fun experience for the family or for the community as a whole.

We need to make sure that tattooing goes beyond just being a hobby, says Mac McKeever, tattooer and tattoo