There’s a new twist to the stay-and-refresh strategy when it comes to luxury hotels in the United States: staying at a luxury hotel with a brand-new line of products.

Hotels like Ritz Carlton in Florida and the Ritz-Carlton Downtown in Orlando are offering their guests new services and perks as they roll out new lineups of the popular StayRise brand.

Ritz Carlton is offering the “Get Rich Slowly” loyalty program for guests who stay at their hotel for at least six months and stay for five nights.

Guests get to keep their room and get a $500 credit toward a deposit at the RZD resort.

The brand-name products are being offered in addition to new luxury goods, including jewelry, furniture, shoes, and a bed and breakfast.

In contrast, the Rachael Ray StayRISE line of items includes a full-service spa, a spa bar, a full bar, and fitness center, as well as “a range of unique services that allow you to live in a lifestyle with more privacy, wellness, and luxury,” according to the brand.

Rachae Ray, a Miami-based fashion brand, has also launched the “Stay Rich Slowly,” loyalty program, which offers free spa treatments and a complimentary fitness class for two guests.

RachaelRay is a brand that has become synonymous with luxury brands like Prada and Versace.

The company was acquired by Prada in 2017 for $10.5 billion.