NEW YORK — It may have been a year ago that a hotel was being renovated in the heart of Nashville, but there are plans to shut it down.

The National Hotel Group announced on Tuesday that it will close the National Bookstore and the National Art Gallery and its sister, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, this year.

Nashville City Councilwoman Candice Berner announced plans to close the Museum of Music and the Tennessee Theatre next year as well, as well. 

“We’ve seen some real progress with the downtown development and the arts scene and I think we’ve been able to do a lot of things,” Berner said.

“It’s unfortunate that this has to happen.”

The National Bookshop is located at 4th Street and Tennessee Avenue. 

The National Museum is located on the north side of Nashville’s downtown. 

Nashvillians were given two options: leave it alone and continue to operate as usual or take over. 

Berner said she did not want to take over the museum.

“The NHAAC is not going to be an empty museum,” Berter said. 

When asked if there was a plan to continue operating the museum, Berner replied, “We haven’t even started to plan it.” 

NASHVILLE CITY COUNCILMAN CHARLES LOUISVILLE CITY CLERK MARGARET HUGHES (D) is a former mayor of Nashville who took over as Nashville city clerk in 2016. 

Hughs said he is planning to make a decision about whether to continue to run the Nashville City Council on Tuesday. 

A representative for Louisville City Clerk Karen Hicks declined to comment on the future of the museum or the city.

The NHTSA announced in June that it would begin work to shutter the Tennessee Museum. 

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said the NHTS decision was a blow to the city’s arts community and the community of artists who rely on the museum for training and exhibition. 

At a press conference in June, Mayor Fischer said he hoped to have an announcement this week. 

This was a really sad day for the arts and the people who depend on the Tennessee Music Museum and we hope they can move forward,” Fischer said.

The NHC said in a statement that the NHC had no comment at this time.