The administration is trying to rewrite the federal law that sets standards for scientific research and disclosure, a move that could undermine the ability of scientists and others to communicate their findings, according to the group of scientists who filed a lawsuit against the administration.

The suit, filed Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, names the Trump Administration as defendants.

The lawsuit alleges that the Trump government has issued a rule to the Environmental Protection Agency that would bar all research conducted on climate change from being included in the agency’s reports and publications on climate and environmental risks.

The rule, which was first proposed in June, states that scientists who conduct research on climate risk must make clear that their work “may not be used to justify or promote any position or policy.”

The rule does not apply to peer-reviewed research on the topic, though it could be interpreted to cover any study that relies on published data.

“As part of this rulemaking process, the administration has already established new and sweeping standards for what scientific research must be presented, as well as what its methods and methods of evaluation are,” the lawsuit states.

“The administration’s proposed rule would impose new burdens on science and harm science’s ability to provide accurate information to the American public.”

The rule also would create a new requirement for scientists to “adhere to all the principles of science and the standards of the American scientific community,” the suit states.

The rule would also require scientists to disclose conflicts of interest, including when they have received grants or contracts from corporations or individuals.

The EPA’s Office of Science has proposed several rulemaking processes, such as rulemakings and reports, that aim to streamline scientific communication, according a statement from the group.

The Trump administration is also moving to revise and update the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) budget rules, which are supposed to be the nation’s financial regulations.

The proposed rule could also impact scientists’ ability to participate in science-related projects, the lawsuit notes.

For example, it would prevent them from using data from an existing project to predict the future of global warming.

Scientists and researchers are worried that the new rule could hamper their ability to communicate with the public, as they would be forced to use data from their own studies to predict what will happen to the climate in the future.

The new rule would require scientists who are conducting climate-related research to use more data, the suit alleges.

“Scientists who want to publish their research in scientific journals must do so without relying on peer-review,” said Dr. Robert M. Koonin, a professor of bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego and a co-author of the lawsuit.

“They need to be able to present data directly to the public and to use other scientific methods.”

In recent years, climate change has become an increasingly important issue in U..

S.’s politics, particularly in the presidential election.

Many scientists have warned that climate change poses a significant threat to human health, the environment and economic well-being.

The Trump administration has repeatedly claimed that climate science has been discredited and is largely driven by scientists who oppose the administration’s policies.

The administration’s response has focused on the idea that global warming is a hoax that was perpetrated by the Chinese government.

The president has also repeatedly said that he will fight the “fake news” label he has been branded by opponents of the administration for his stance on climate science.