LISA LOEB was the first of a new wave of lodges to open in Orlando in the past two years, and she is already planning for her next visit.

She’s planning to stay in the Orlando Residence Inn and Suites, an 18-room hotel near the Magic Kingdom, for up to four nights, and then plan another stay in her hotel room.

The first stay will take place June 15-17 at the hotel.

Loeb said she’s been staying in Orlando since January, and will be visiting the Disney parks in the fall.

“I’ve already started to plan out the next four nights,” Loeb told ABC News in an interview Tuesday.

“My family has a lot of things that they want to do, so I’ll just keep thinking about it and see what happens.”

The theme park resort is located near the downtown Disney park and has rooms from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on whether you book a room on the resort’s website.

“It’s kind of the new, more upscale experience for folks to come in from outside of Orlando,” Loeber said.

Loeeb said the resort has more amenities, including Wi-Fi and a fully equipped fitness center.

The resort has opened to the public in late June, and a hotel is expected to open to the general public next week.

“We’re really excited to be here,” Loecb said.

“They’ve been a part of the Magic City for a long time and have really taken the reins in terms of their amenities and what they’re doing for guests.

It’s really been a great experience and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

The resort is owned by the hotel chain Disney Vacation Club.

The company said that the hotel is located just blocks from Disney’s Contemporary Resort, which opened in June 2016 and has become a popular stop for many of the company’s guests.

The Walt Disney World resort has been a popular destination for Disney vacationers, including many families, and is now offering more room options and amenities in the hopes of drawing more visitors to the resort.

“The number of people who’ve been visiting the resort is definitely increasing,” said Walt Disney Vacations International president Brian Wiedman.

“For the longest time, we’ve been the destination that we were known for for families.

And now that we’re here, we want to continue to be the destination we’re known for.

So we’re really pleased that it’s opening up in a much more exciting and different way.”

Disney Vacateers International is owned and operated by Walt Disney Company.