Stay safe in Indian hotels, stay away from the internet, don’t take a selfie with a friend or a stranger, don,t,t ever take pictures of your children in public.

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The guidelines were written by hotel managers, according to the hotel chain, with the advice of its safety officers.

But there is also an online guide to help travellers make the most of these precautions.

“I would encourage people to be aware of what they are doing and to be vigilant about what they say, when they say it, and not to take photos of anyone or anything that they do not feel comfortable sharing,” the hotel website says.

Stay safe in your hotel stayGuide to staying safe in hotelsStay safe at home and in the hotelStay safe onlineStay safe on the internetStay safe during an emergencyStay safe while travellingStay safe when you are in IndiaStay safe from online threatsStay safe with your childrenStay safe travelling to IndiaStay away from social media and social media platformsAvoiding social media sites is a good way to stay protected from online abuse, the hotel guide said.

But even if you don’t want to be in touch with the people you know on social media, you can take some precautionary measures.

“We have found that some of the social media websites that we have been using have been abused by people to attack us,” the website says, referring to the controversial platforms, like Twitter and Facebook.

“So, it is best to stay away.”

Don’t share your location with strangersDon’t use your mobile phone to send text messagesDon’t make or receive calls on your mobile phones to strangersYou should also be aware that you could be in danger if you share your phone number, as your friends and family may be able to track your movements, the guide says.

If you do share your number with someone else, it’s advisable to make sure that the number you share is not shared by a friend, so that they are not able to call you.

“It is also advisable to use your phone when not at your place of work, as it can be very dangerous to give out your number to someone else.

If someone tries to contact you from your number, you should make sure they are using your phone to call the wrong person,” the guide states.”

The best way to protect yourself is to be careful about who you communicate with on social networks and the social network sites.

You can avoid any kind of situation if you are not in a place where you can be sure of being seen and not heard by others.”

Be careful around strangersYou can also avoid being targeted by strangers, by not sharing your contact details online, by using social media to avoid sharing your location, and by not using your mobile telephone while travelling.

“It is advisable to avoid public places, such as temples and public places in cities.

You should avoid walking alone,” the Hotel Guide says.”

Also, don.t be too picky with your friends or family, as they can be tempted to try and befriend you, which will only increase your risk of being targeted,” it adds.

Don’t post any information on your social media accountDon’t ask anyone for any personal informationDon’t send private messages, including private messages on social networking sites, the Hotel Guides advise.

“This could lead to others having access to your information and could be used by others to harm you or your family,” it says.

Avoid using personal or sensitive information on social platformsBe careful about your personal informationYou should always verify the identity of any person who sends you personal information on any social media platform, including email, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, the hotels guide says, and it is a better idea to verify your identity with your employer or with your local social network.

“Be sure that any personal or confidential information that you send on social network is accurate and that you do not share that information with anyone,” the Guide says, adding that there are a few tips to take to ensure that your personal details are safe online.

Be cautious of any information you share on social channelsDon’t disclose your location to anyoneYou should be aware, though, that sharing your physical location with anyone could make them aware that your hotel is located in their area, so be careful not to share it with them, the guides says.

Be wary of sharing your email address, too.

The information can also be shared on social apps and websites, like WhatsApp, which can be used to contact friends and relatives in India.

Be careful of social media contentAvoid sharing sensitive information or private messages with anyone who might find them offensive or objectionableAvoid sharing personal or private information on websitesBe wary of private or sensitive messages being sent from your mobile deviceBe careful when using your smartphone or other electronic devicesConnect your devices to the internet in a way that is privateBe careful not share personal or personal information with people who might be vulnerable or who you don. “You