STAY active, stay stock, stay stitch! 

I know that many of you are not able to commit to a daily workout, but if you can, you will find a ton of inspiration on Pinterest, Pinterest boards, and Instagram to help you stay active.

You will also find inspiration on your own blog, Pinterest board, Instagram account, and Pinterest website. 

The more inspiration you have, the more likely you will stick to the plan you have set for yourself. 

This post is written with the goal of helping you stay more active, while also maintaining a healthy weight.

For this exercise, you can use a mix of light and heavy weights to work on your cardio.

This exercise will keep your legs strong and will keep you in shape.

If you need assistance with the exercises, please contact me so I can give you my best suggestions for you. 

If you do decide to do this exercise as well, I would suggest choosing the lighter weights. 

To be honest, you are likely going to find that you need to go lighter to keep your weight down.

I would recommend using a mix between light and moderate weights.

A moderate weight like a 70% weightlifting barbell would be perfect for this exercise. 

When I talk about the weight that you should use, I am referring to the weight of a barbell.

As the weight increases, it will feel more like you are working your way up.

When I say that it feels like you have to go up, I mean that you have a weight that is just too heavy to lift.

The heavier the weight, the harder it is to move. 

You should try to do the exercise on a light weight. 

It should be light enough that you can lift the weight without it feeling too heavy. 

Once you get to a heavy weight, you should try not to use too much weight.

For example, if you are lifting the heaviest weight, try to get back to a lighter weight and then work on a lighter barbell again. 

Your goal is to keep a low weight for as long as possible. 

As you progress, you want to be lifting more weights and keeping your body moving at the same time. 

So be sure to keep it light. 

Keep in mind that this exercise is going to increase your body fat percentage and that it will make you look like a fat junkie. 

Do not attempt this exercise without a body fat test. 

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